Why can't I see my ads?

There are 3 main reasons why you don't see your ads during the search: Ad scheduling, searching for your own ad on Google, or insufficient advertising budget.

Is Internet advertising profitable?

Yes. Internet advertising is one of the most profitable aspects of digital marketing. In order to get back what you have invested, it is necessary to set the budget in the right way and track the return on the investment.

How to measure the effect of Internet advertising?

The effect of internet advertising can be direct or indirect depending on the nature of the products or services you offer. Digital marketing professionals are primarily concerned with the direct effects of advertising and these are best measured in the advertising platforms themselves (Google Ads) as well as with tools such as Google Analytics.

How do I determine the goals of advertising on the Internet?

Well-defined and achievable goals are a prerequisite for the success of online advertising campaigns. In order to properly define, track and interpret goals, it is necessary to follow certain steps and possess the appropriate skills.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a set of online actions aimed at making a specific brand reach an audience that would be interested in it. The Internet and other forms of digital communication are used for the purposes of digital marketing. These can be paid ads, social networks, email advertising, etc.

Why is digital marketing important?

Digital marketing is important because it enables companies and individuals to present their services or products in a cost-effective, fast, and effective way. It is important because the results are available in real-time, it raises brand awareness, it finds new customers, and brings back old customers.

What is internet advertising?

Internet advertising is the promotion of a company and its products or services through online tools that serve to find potential customers, increase the number of visits to the website and improve sales. Internet advertising covers a wide range of marketing strategies and channels, such as email, search engines, social networks, etc.

How do I get my ads to appear first in search?

In order for your ad to appear first in the search, it is necessary to find the right keywords, properly set up campaigns and ads, and finally, develop a high-quality and fast website. There are many other factors that determine where you will find yourself in the search so it is best to consult a professional for advice .

Should I pay for advertising if I have great SEO?

Yes. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a necessary step towards digital success, but with the emergence of ever-increasing competition in the online space, it simply isn’t enough. Developed internet markets and companies that operate there necessarily work on both organic search and paid advertising, which increases their competitiveness and facilitates communication with the target audience.