E-mail marketing

И-Мејл Маркетинг

E-mail is actively used by more than 4 billion people worldwide .

When we add to this data that the Facebook platform is used by about 3 billion people (Source: Statista ), and Instagram by about one billion and 400 million people (Source: Backlinko ), we come to the conclusion that e-mail advertising is an excellent opportunity in which lies a huge potential waiting to be used.

The benefits of e-mail advertising are numerous, and below you can see some of the biggest ones:

Return of lost and acquisition of new customers

A 'Sign up for our list and be notified of discounts and exclusive offers' banner with an email input field probably already exists on your website or online store, and that's great. But what happens when someone signs up? What is behind that simple form that collects potential clients and customers? What kind of experience are you giving them in return?

The digital era has brought new challenges with it and one of them is the privacy of Internet users. This has led to people today being more cautious than ever when leaving their personal information online. So, if someone decides to sign up for your list, keep in mind that they trust you, give you a chance, and somehow invest in you. That is why it is important that you take your e-mail list intended for the promotion of your business seriously and do your best to adequately reciprocate those who have placed their trust in you.

To begin with, it would be a good idea to send new subscribers a welcome email with a description of the services you provide, and special offers that might be of interest to them. In this way, you extend a hand to old and/or potential clients and begin to build a relationship of mutual trust and communication that can result in business cooperation.

The next step of your e-mail campaign can be a series of e-mails that you will send to online store visitors who came within a step of making a purchase and then left. Create a segmented list of cart abandoners and send them a reminder that will motivate them to complete the purchase.

Don't abandon your loyal customers, keep reaching out to them and sharing information.

Building a strong relationship with customers - email personalization

More than 70% of customers claim that the personalized experience they have with a business can significantly speed up their purchasing decision. (Source: DynamicYield )

Therefore, your customer can become anyone whom you approach in a more intimate and direct way. With this strategy, you will make your marketing team's job easier and significantly reduce resource consumption. Personalization saves both time and money, increases return on investment, and strengthens the relationship between your company and customers.

Personalization can be done in several ways. You can segment customers and website visitors based on their behavior on the website itself, ie. the number of visits to a certain section of the site, such as the 'shopping cart', the page for leaving payment information, or the page where you can find discounted products. Depending on the nature of your business, you can determine the basis for segmentation and address these groups of users in different ways during e-mail campaigns.

By maintaining lively and personalized communication with potential and old customers, you strengthen the loyalty they feel towards your product or service. An indirect benefit of the personalization strategy is the pleasant feelings that users will experience when they think of your brand. This directly leads to better sales and indirectly increases the chance that new people will find out about you because those who already have a positive experience in cooperation with you will tell them about it.

Write a series of e-mails that will be responsive to different groups of your users, activate the campaign, and expect fantastic results.

Simplicity and cost-effectiveness - Maximizing your advertising budget

Online advertising is one of the best, if not the best, ways to reach your target audience quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Although this is true for all methods of Internet advertising, keep in mind that e-mail marketing is still slightly ahead.

Based on an extensive survey of store owners in the US, it was concluded that 85% of them believe that email marketing is the most effective strategy for acquiring customers, and this is especially true for small businesses and startups. In fact, for every dollar invested, you can expect a return on investment of up to 122%. (Source: Forrester )

In order for the return on investment to reach the stated heights, it is necessary to be actively involved in creating personalized emails, segmenting customers, constantly cleaning the e-mail list, and improving communication with users. If you do everything in the right way, you will be able to significantly lower the price for which an e-mail can secure a customer and sell your product or service.

By using an adequate online service for the automation of e-mail campaigns, the desired results will come even faster with a significant saving of resources. Choose the service that best suits your business and start taking action.

Why is e-mail marketing the right choice for your business?

  • This digital marketing strategy has a high return on investment, while the cost-effectiveness ratio is at the top when compared to other strategies
  • Email is an excellent medium through which you can connect all other advertising strategies and ensure a smooth user experience
  • You can create a personalized and original relationship with old and new customers, which will increase site activity, improve brand recognition, attract new customers, and return old ones.
  • This strategy will give you better insight into what your customers want, and you will be able to tailor your services and products to those who are most interested. Do not forget that e-mails are left by people who trust you
  • Work smarter, not harder - Automation and online services will do the hard work, and you will receive valuable data and insights that will help improve your business
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