Facebook and Instagram Ads

Фејсбук и Инстаграм Оглашавање

What is Facebook and Instagram (META) advertising?

Facebook and Instagram advertising helps individuals and businesses promote pages or websites that sell products or services.
If you want to get your business in front of people, make your brand recognizable, advertise your latest product, increase website traffic, and ultimately make more profit, Facebook and Instagram advertising is the right choice for you .

Why do you need Facebook and Instagram advertising?

Over 4 billion registered users visit Facebook and Instagram every month . People visit social networks to find out the latest news, keep in touch with friends, watch funny videos, and also to get information about products and services they are interested in .

Facebook and Instagram are platforms that may be seen as entertainment venues, but they are actually the largest advertising space in the world . This is why hundreds of thousands of businesses invest heavily in Facebook and Instagram advertising.

If you want your product to reach people who are interested in buying it, don't wait, start your first Facebook and Instagram ad campaign .

This type of advertising can provide you with :
  • Raising awareness of your products, services, and overall brand
  • Greater attendance and following of Facebook and Instagram pages
  • More clicks, comments, and shares
  • Increased website traffic
  • Improved sales and increased profits
  • Finding new and earning loyal customers

What are the advantages of Facebook and Instagram advertising?

Before your Facebook and Instagram ads start running, it's very important to determine your advertising objective . When you have a clear goal, you will know which way to go.
As advertising platforms, Facebook and Instagram have a huge database of users that you can use to find the target audience .

By defining the target audience, you’ll realize the possibility of great budget savings , because once you find your customers, advertisements go exclusively to them. Your product or service is only shown to those who are already interested in buying.

The Facebook platform allows you to define the budget you are willing to invest on a daily, monthly, or campaign level . With such an approach, you can be sure that your ads will never spend more than you are willing to invest.

Facebook and Instagram advertising is a great way to promote a new product, run a three-day campaign, or increase the number of subscribers on a page in a short period of time. Also, you can opt for a long-term campaign that will bring you a constant income from month to month.

What is the cost of Facebook and Instagram advertising?

The price of Facebook and Instagram advertising is formed by a combination of the following factors :
  • The nature of your business
  • The part of the sales funnel where your ideal customer is
  • Market trends
  • Advertising budget
  • Advertising objectives
  • Characteristics of the target audience and its location
  • Competition activity
Now is the right time to take a starting position and attract a good part of the desired market for a relatively low investment. Contact us for more information.

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